Who are we

We are Ravue Media. We are  independent, young, and talented entrepreneurs with over 18 years of exoerience in web design and development. We are professionals, we do what we love, and we deliver tangible business results, both efficiently and professionaly. We helped build businesses, brands, websites, marketing campaigns and more. We have definitevly learned a thing or two along the way, so saving you time and money is our second nature.
18 Years of Experience in Web Development

Why choose us

If you are a start-up company that needs a brand new site or an existing business that needs help with re-branding or upgrading your website, you found what you’re looking for. Ok, relax now. Things are only going to be simpler from this point on.  We have years of experience and we know how to run the show. We guarantee 100% website uptime, 12 months of support, administartion, and paid server with all of our packages. Check our services for more.

12 Months of Support, Admin & Paid Server

Meet the Team



Lead Designer, Developer, Twisted Studios CEO

Long term experience as DTP operator, graphic and web designer, made me a professional web superhero today! Through time, this sharpened my senses for design, so that my sight detects every smudge on the computer canvas or every wrong color shade in the matter of seconds. My sense for organization of web elements and their functionality is extremely heightened, which opens the possibility for simple yet modern user interface and experience. My fingers type texts and content with the speed of lightning, and I notice errors from the heights of the satellite in Earths orbit before my descent to the computer keyboard. Yes, my experience in web design and development is my greatest superhero power, so is the professional and moral commitment to our clients so they can rest peacefully at night knowing that the professional eye of the web design hero is looking over their website and business year round.

To infinity and beyond!




Founder, Designer

Entrepreneurial mind set at works all the time. I learned that’s the way for me to thrive, achieve my goals, and get to a higher plane of existence. Sitting in someones office from 9-5 does not elevate my spirit and I wouldn’t be able to reach my full potential that way. Entrepreneurship is closely tied in with self-improvement and self-realization which I am practicing often. I find constructive criticism valuable as an outside point of view, however, one must look within as well. I love web design and I started designing out of pure pleasure for creating. After 2 years of self education and designing for clients I realized I needed to take this to another level. That’s when Ravue was born and the team was assembled. As technology is improving I see the progress and revolutionary change in the way internet is being constructed. Simplicity is overtaking complexity, therefore our clients demand cost efficiency with at-most professionalism. That’s what we deliver.

Today matters!


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From our clients


“We went through several major edits that in the end resulted in the major design shift. The team was patient through our demands and always delivered. I would highly recommend hiring these guys espacially if you are a start-up business. They price by the project and are cheaper than any other agency out there.”

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“I knew what I wanted and I showed three examples of the websites I liked. This helped me to get the message across so that the designer can also have a visual idea and feel that I was going for. It worked, I love it.”

ANTHEM Divi Child Theme

Julien Versailles

Director, Founder

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Get in touch with us and get any questions you may have answered. We typicaly respond immediately and we are pretty fun to talk to.

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As the technology is evolving we are too. As the new trends emerge we stay informed. We know how work efficiently and save you money and time. We will design your quality website, create your new brand, and literally bring life to your start-up business.


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