Adris Nautic Booking

Custom booking application for sailing in Croatia! Private sailing cruises up to 6 guests. Clients can book through our Checkfront payment system powered by PayPal online Payment Gateway.  


Through the booking process we expanded company’s brand to the fullest. Promo materials and online marketing also included.

WEB Design

This project we divided in two section. First part, web page with simple navigation with basic business information. Second, powerful booking system process with its own custom layout.


Full online booking process with business-specific date availability in the calendar that uses one of the best booking systems on the market  – Checkfront!  

Booking Implementation

The job entailed three major categories of work: branding, web design, and a lot of custom programming for the best booking experience.


We empower Adris Nautic through branding that speaks to the customer about their future sailing experience. We understand the beauty and excitement that sailing brings to people and we knew that in order for the visitor to take action on the website, they must have a memorable booking experience with loads of captivating images and that will spark the imagination and excitement.


We split this website into two parts. One informational and another functional – which is on a separate subdomain. Main site consists of a responsive layout filled with basic business information, sailing pictures and more. The second part is a custom booking part of a web site tailored for every sailing trip separately. Easy and transparent frontend design goes along with easy but powerful backend system that drives this company!


We highlighted programming as one of the biggest parts for this job. Full process for online booking is what we are most proud of – we connected Paypal payment gateway with powerful CheckFront backend and user friendly cms for clients best experience. Custom calendar with many predefined dates, combinations, options and functionalities. Actually, take a look for yourself.

Scope of work

Adris Nautic gave us the opportunity to put our programming skills to the test. Making easy to use and safe booking system is our priority.  Here is the list of main features:

  • Responsive easy-to-navigate design
  • Basic and advanced programming
  • Online sailing booking system
  • Customized calendar
  • Special booking offer
  • Custom cart and checkout process
  • PayPal Payment Gateway

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What we did


Online marketing, photography and promo materials is what we did for this client. Promotions by AIRBNB, Google Adwords, Facebook campaigns and some promo digital and offset materials.

web Design

Simple and visual web site is informative and easy to navigate, with its basic responsive HTML and CSS customizable pages divided in two parts – informative (main site) and functional (booking site).


We connected company’s database with CheckFront system and made important customisations to suit clients specific needs. Five main cruises and one special offer with details, checking availabilities, checkout custom process and 100% secure PayPal payment process. 


As the technology is evolving we are too. As the new trends emerge we stay informed. Contact us today and chat with one of the three company partners about your new project. 


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