One of the special and favorite project made originally from Ravue Media in coorporation with Twisted Studios. offers FREE games, contests, and online fun that’s new and original. From now on, free games and awards are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Discover the world of games, the world in which life is a game and love its greatest award!


From idea, layout, logo, brand to full custom development and online marketing and promoting.

WEB Design

Original design made from Ravues partner basic idea, developed and modified for different market. 


Full customization with many authentic functionalities to 

Ravue Media original project

Many new home-made functionalities made specially for this project – collecting daily points by logging in, playing contests, user friendly players account, easy to play games are just one of them.

ravue media´s original brand

This is our child base project. We made everything from original idea, layout, colours, logo, name, full web development, promo materials, online promotion, supported social networks etc.

web design

Genuin design that came from its original source – Twisted Studios, a Ravue Media partner in web development, design and online marketing. Original, responsive special layout subordinated to its primary purpose – playing free and fun online contests!


The most coding Ravue Media had for one project! We adopted and transformed already made basic functionalities and mixed it with plenty new ones such as: Awardlet login throu Facebook, easier registration, user friendly Account page, full support and tested database and customised cms for admin. 

online marketing

Besides the fact that we made this project from the scratch, we didnt stopped there. We continued with online promotion of our campaignes throu Facebook paid campaignes, Google AdWords, Instagram and more. Advertising was done completly by Ravue Media.

Scope of work

Big list of functionalities is what we have. Here we offer only most important ones:

  • Collecting points by daily logging in
  • Playing contests (games) within 20 seconds
  • Easy web navigation
  • Facebook Log In
  • Recognizable layout
  • User friendly players account section
  • Fully automated awarding system
  • Newsletter feature for registered members

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What we did

ravue media´s original Brand

First and the most important Ravue Media´s project made specially for its registered players to enjoy playing contests in a new way rewarding them with daily bonus points. Soon – upgrading to new reward points – Award coins!

web Design

Awardlet is easy going one way special project with its adapted and tailored design to suit new western market so different from eastern european. We branded design and made it unique that follows exactly its functionalities. Soon – Awardlet 2.0 coming up!


New functionalities helped us transform from east to west in no time. Easier registration process with basic fields, Facebook log in, automated awarding and contest system, rewarding system, notification system, newsletter system are just one of the new ways that helped us spread the idea of free and fun innovative contest playing.


As the technology is evolving we are too. As the new trends emerge we stay informed. Contact us today and chat with one of the three company partners about your new project. 


2508 Sullivan
Irvine CA, 92614