Ojuko Life
One of our favorite projects that involved every aspect of our skill set and more. Ojuko Life is a new start-up cold-pressed juice company from Costa Mesa, CA. Their organic juices are awesome. Check them out!


Logo, bottle labels, photography, brochures, booklets, cards, etc.

WEB Design

eCommerce shop, visual identity, minimalistic design, map, cart


Custom shop functions and styling
Ojuko was a big project

On the surface it’s simple, elegant, and engaging but under the hood packed with custom functionality. The job entailed four major categories of work: branding, web & graphic design, and some programming.


In the beginning stages the client had a basic brand concept which we put on the digital canvas and expanded. Once we figured out our client’s vibe, the brand started to formulate and take serious shape.

Graphic design

Aside from basic web design, our team and resources created brochures, business cards, booklets, menus product labels, coupon cards and more. We even did product photography to generate some fresh content for the purposes of design marketing, and social media.


We decided on minimal design with few pictures. We knew we had high quality photos that tell a 1000 words and we wanted to express that. Colors of the product are so vibrant and pronounced that adding any extra highlights wouldn’t do it justice.


The client wanted the shopping experience to be as it would be if you visited his store. You came in, select any number of juices, and pay once or become a subscribed member, done. That’s where a little bit of programming came in to enable such set up. Typically off the shelf eCommerce has a few more steps involved.

Scope of work
Ojuko web shop functionality is aligned with Ojuko’s business parameters. Take a look at the list of all the features below:

  • Custom cart and checkout process
  • 14 products
  • Local delivery / Pick-up  and UPS shipping
    • Nationwide UPS setup
    • Regulation: Boxes / Ice / Insulation / Delivery time
    • Negotiated rates
    • Minimum Order
  • Payments via Square / Reccuring Payments
  • Membership / Discount model (Checkout)
    • Option to subscribe the entire cart
    • Local discount based on QT
      • Locals save up to 15% (one time)
    • Membership discount based on QT
      • Save up to 25% if you subscribe (recurring)

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What we did


We got the Ojuko vibe and branded it from the ground up. From logo, to web design and everything in between. We put every resource to work with these guys.

Label Design

There were multiple variations and versions of the labels for Ojuko’s delicious product. With each version we were improving the brand and the product.

Marketing materials

Our efforts went into Ojuko’s business cards, brochures, booklets, signs, and menus. Each piece of material played an important role in the development of their retail shop and brand itself.


As the technology is evolving we are too. As the new trends emerge we stay informed. Contact us today and chat with one of the three company partners about your new project. 


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