Studio Nixa

Older project with all basic corporative informations about this client – Studio Nixa – first and only translation agency specializing in medical translations!


We made essential parts for this company to put its brand on the business market. Logo, brochures, flyers, online promotions are just few.

WEB Design

Simple navigation and corporate colors is what defines this clients company official web site. 

Older but important project

On the surface this corporative web site offers simple, elegant, and engaging experience packed with custom functionality. This job included two major categories of work: branding, web & graphic design.


This company name and brand we put on the business map and expanded with a lot of promo digital or business materials: cards, memos, brochures, flyers, posters, price menus and more.


We used corporative colors and painted this business web site to suit companies trade mark the best. Pages are informative, transparent and easy to navigate. Multilanguage included.

Scope of work

Corporative web site with basic functionalities. Take a look at the list of all the features below:

  • Newsarticles
  • Responsive design
  • Corporative slider
  • Multilanguage pages
  • Video links
  • Promo materials

What we did


We followed companies idea which is simple in colors, shapes and recognizable logo – main trademark of the company. Digital printing and online marketing were also part of a branding strategy.

WEB Design

Simple but professional client with defined business strategy that puts accent on basic services, work history and daily information throu Nixa Blog and newsarticles.


As the technology is evolving we are too. As the new trends emerge we stay informed. Contact us today and chat with one of the three company partners about your new project. 


2508 Sullivan
Irvine CA, 92614