What we do

Learn more about what Ravue team can do for your brand and business.

Graphic Design & Branding

Every successful project starts with a brand concept that delivers experience and truth. Branding and story telling go hand in hand and your customer’s first impression is key for engagement and conversion. 

Web Design & Development

Let Ravue team guide you through the digital landscape. We are fueled by curiosity and desire to understand your company to deliver the best possible online experience for your visitors. 

Coding & Programming

We know UI (user interface) is only skin deep. What’s under the hood is what matters. Our programmers are forward thinkers who build cross platform engines that drive your content seamlessly across internet. 

How we do things

1. Strategy, Planning & Content

Regardless of the size of the project, they all start here. Gaining a deeper understanding provides an insight for proper recommndation. 


Client research

We are curious by nature so it’s only natural that we find out about you as much as we can using different processes and techniques – some in-house, while others through discovery meetings and interviews. 

Competitor Analysis

It’s always good to know who is doing what in the industry. We want to know who is going a good job and who is dropping a ball. Both insights are useful to be informed and to be able to differentiate ourselves. 


Information Architecture (IA) is a natural progression of research and analysis. We construct content hierarchy, tools, features, functions, and essentially creating the complete project structure. 

2. UI Design & Development

It’s got to look good. No question about it. If the design ‘feels’ right it will engage the users into a unique digital experience.  


After establishing orientation we focus on the elements that the user will see on the actual screen: content, navigation, calls to action, interactive features to captivate users attention and much more. Mood boards enable us to explore the visual look, feel, and character of the brand before we delve into the design process. 

UI Design

Page mockups are essentially the result of prototyping. By combining all the content materials, elements, and mood boards we develop our first page mockups that set the stage for the project. We then further define the brands persona, look and feel. This is definitely the most interesting part of any project for our designer team.


Our Front End developers live and breathe the code and techniques that help make websites engaging and a joy to use. More often than not it’s in the subtle ways that a visitor moves about and interacts with a site. Mobile responsiveness is key to a great user experience se we plan what a user will need from a mobile device first. 

3. Support & Optimization

At the launch of your project our attention is focused on support and performance which is an ongoing process. 

Site Launch

Launching your site will be just the first step in what should ideally be an ongoing process of improvements and development to your public facing visual identity. Responding to your competitive landscape, keeping your site secure with the latest software upgrades, adapting to new and best practices on the web, are some of the tasks that our team will take on.

site Maintenance

Our Digital Account Manager who will be your first point of contact for all your ongoing website support needs. You can depend on talented designers, developers and account handlers who know your project intimately and are committed to building long term relationships with you and your team. We ensure that projects and tasks stay on track and that we’re on hand to provide ongoing support and also recommending appropriate site improvements.


Once a site is launched, attention needs to turn to its ongoing performance and ability to compete both in terms of visibility as well as functionality and relevance. It’s rare that a single tweak here and there will make much of a difference when some spare time or budget becomes available. We’ve found that websites need to be optimized over a sustained period of time, measuring results, activity and engagement with the site.

It’s simple. We focus on long-term relationships with our clients & their projects.

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